Kamikaze Essay

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My grandfather served in the United States Navy in World War II where our ships encountered what was to them a new style of fighter: the Kamikaze pilot. The Kamikaze pilot was an individual who would quite literally drive a Mitsubishi Zero plane that was unequipped with guns and flew their planes directly into American ships to keep them away from reaching Japan. The word Kamikaze has an ancient origin. Literally translated it means “divine wind.” Kamikaze was used for close to a thousand years to refer to the two storms that saved the Japanese mainland from the fleets of the emperor Kublai Khan. Kublai Khan attempted two amphibious attacks on the Japanese in the years of 1274 and 1281. Legend has it that the Japanese Emperor himself prayed for this divine wind to take down his foes. University of Massachusetts geologist Jon Woodruff has discovered evidence of the legend of ancient kamikazes being true. Dr. Woodruff traveled to …show more content…
Hayashida and KOSUWA back to the Mongol fleet. There would be two campaigns during the years of 1994 and 1995. These campaigns were carried out with the support of the Nagasaki Prefecture and the Takashima-cho Board of Education. The main excavation site was located 150 meters off the coast of coast and had a depth of 21 meters. The previously mentioned sonar technology made by Mozai had located 4 major anomalies at the bottom of the sea floor. Three wooden anchors were found here. These three anchors were found to be made of the same red oak which would have existed on mainland China in the 13th century. The wooden anchors were carbon dated and indeed found to have been from the 1281 invasion attempt. A total of 74 objects were were found in the 1994 campaign. Along with the three anchors, seventeen stone anchor stocks were found with scattered material remnants The 1995 campaign found wooden objects pottery fragments, leather, and

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