Kakadu National Park Business Plan

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1. Introduction
The company’s outstanding performance is through the joint efforts of different employees. In order to thank and praise the efforts of employees, the company should organize incentive travel, so that the whole staff can travel together and relieve the fatigue brought about by the work. In this proposal, it will bring 300 participants who are working in the beverage company in Canada.

2. Background
Australia is the largest country in Oceania, also is the only country in the world covering the entire continent. Due to the high index of the quality of life, health, education and economic freedom, there are attracted a large number of neighboring Asian immigrant. Australia
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The destination attributes

3.1 Attraction
The United States and Australia side by side that are the countries with the largest number of world natural heritage, and also have a very small number of rare species of plants and animals in Australia. When travel in Australia, participants should experience the wonders of nature. Kakadu National Park is one of the places worth visiting which is located in Alligator Rivers; it is a cultural heritage and natural Heritage. It can meet people demand of view the nature at all. Undoubtedly, the tour can widen the field of vision.
(Please refer to Appendix2: Kakadu National Park)

In addition to nature, art is also one of the highlights of Australia. Sydney Opera House also is a world heritage, certainly have the own characteristic. The exterior design couples with a beautiful location, has become the attraction. In the Sydney Opera House, there are performances regularly, some popular theater and symphony orchestras equal will hold the performances in here Believe that the participants can enjoy the art.
(Please refer to Appendix3: Sydney Opera House)

3.2 Amenities &
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The hotel can accommodate 300 participants and there is high quality of the equipment. At first, Park Hyatt is one of the famous hotels in the world that their reputation is assurance. Next, meeting room is important factor of the tour, let the company conduct internal meetings, explain the itinerary or make periodic feedback with the employees. Besides, hotel has the basic activities such as swimming pool and fitness which are very common activities. In order to increase the fun in the tour, visit an abundance of Australian art is good idea. Participants will be impressed by the innovative

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