Kafka 's Metamorphosis : Rebellion And Punishment By Walter H. Sokel

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For any research being completed the question must be asked if the sources used are in fact reliable. To determine this the source must be evaluated for its origin, purpose, audience, and credibility. The source under question in this case is an essay titled “‘Metamorphosis’: Rebellion and Punishment,” by Walter H. Sokel. The essay is pulled from a scholarly journal, and is a critical analysis essay on both literary analyses of the book, Metamorphosis, by Franz Kafka and on the book itself. It is meant for people who have already read Kafka’s novel, and is written to pose a new analysis of the book while considering the older ones. In his essay Sokel begins by analyzing the faults of the common analyses of Metamorphosis. The first theory brought into question is that of the extended metaphor. In the essay it is attributed to a man named Gunther Anders. Anders argues that when Gregor, the main character, is turned into a giant bug it is to compare his ways as a salesman to the way of a vermin. However, Sokel states that he feels as if this theory is not all encompassing of the message behind the metamorphosis of Gregor into the form of a bug. Sokel then moves on to talk about the theory of the book being an inverted fairy tale. This theory is accredited to both Heselhaus and Angus (German and American scholars respectively). They argue that it is the inverted version of Beauty and the Beast, saying that “love fails to overcome horror, and the ‘beauty’ (Gregor’s sister)…

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