Juveniles Should Be Legal For Juvenile Offenders Essay

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With the increasing amount of crime committed by juveniles, officials are trying to develop with ways to prevent such transgressions from occurring, usually when tried as juvenile the punishment is less severe. Some people believe that juveniles should be no less accountable than adults and treating them as such may help deter crime. “Others believe that they do not have an adult’s mental capacity to judge and allowing them to be tried as an adult is an unjust” (Mason, Chapman, Chang & Simons 2003). Such views have led to calls for change in the criminal justice system in order to increase the punishment for certain youth offenders. The subject of whether juveniles should be waived to adult criminal court has researchers divided on whether the method is effective. Citing FBI and other data sources, it demonstrates that the rate of juvenile violent crime arrests has consistently decreased since 1994, falling to a level not seen since at least the 1970s. With the implementation of Proposition 21, this was passed by voters in 2000. Proposition 21 increases austerity of sentences for juvenile offenders. According to Steiner & Wright (2006), many states including California have modified their transfer laws to make it easier to prosecute juveniles in adult court. Proposition 21 is a result of a get tuff policy that was supposed to deter crime in California, but instead has been the result of fewer resources available for youth and an increase in recidivism rates.
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