Juvenile Justice Systems And The Adult Justice System Essay

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The juvenile justice system and the adult justice system have several parts in common, but are two systems that are operated differently. In this paper I am going to cover the juvenile justice system, an overview, comparing the juvenile justice system to the adult justice system. Finally, I will discuss the adjudication process of a juvenile transferring to the adult criminal justice system from the juvenile system.
The juvenile justice system is to deal with persons that are deemed minors accused of committing a crime. First off a major difference between the juvenile system and the adult system is that the offender in the juvenile system are being accused of committing delinquent acts, as to the adult system they are accused of committing criminal acts. In order for a case to start a prosecutor must file a civil petition stating that the youth has been charged with a violation of a criminal statue. The prosecutor is requesting the courts to determine if the juvenile is delinquent. In order to make a determination it must be proven that the juvenile has committed a delinquent act. After it has been determine the court has the authority to do what is in the best interest of the juvenile. The juvenile court normally retains legal authority over the youth for a period of time. (Michon, 2015)
Generally states cee a juvenile to be under the age of 18, a very few states have the age 16 or 17, while Wyoming is the only state where the age is 19 for juveniles. To be considered for…

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