Juvenile Justice Process and Corrections Essay

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Juvenile Justice Process and Corrections
University of Phoenix
November 21, 2012

Juvenile Justice Process and Corrections
The following research will discuss the juvenile process system. Starting with the intake process it will discuss each step of the process and the options the defendant will be given. There are concerns and certain weaknesses the process has where it may give opportunity of unlawful and informal negotiation may be occurring. It will also further discuss the considered factors that will determine the juvenile’s sentence.
A recent example of the juvenile process is the case of the victim Michael Brewer, which was set on fire by five other teenagers in 2009 over a 40 dollar video game debt. Three out of
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Intake officers screen juvenile cases to determine which should be prosecuted or sent to diversion programs. Intake is a screening that will determine if juvenile should be released, given a future court hearing, diversion programs, prosecution, or waiver to adult criminal court. Intake officers gather and create a social record of the accused and discuss options with the juvenile’s parents or guardian (Champion, 2010). The intake process is informal; while an attorney can be present it is not really necessary since the purpose of the procedure is to determine other attention the child may need other than the juvenile court system. Cases where the juvenile is released to their parents or cases dropped must be approved by the juvenile prosecutor. The release to a juvenile to parents or guardian may encompass terms and conditions that they should follow. This is a formal binding contract in which cases the contract is broken by either the juvenile or the parents the court has the right to continue with other punitive actions. Legal factors must be taken in to consideration prior to make these decisions. It is important to understand that each jurisdiction differ in their intake process. A growing concern during the intake process is that more defense attorneys have been attending this process and conversations that are similar to plea bargains are occurring with the intake

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