Juvenile Justice And Delinquency Prevention Act Essay

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The definition of Delinquency and Status Offense is that the juvenile commits a number of offenses. In other words, the juvenile only commits an act to hurt themselves such as skipping school (truancy), running away from home (curfew violations), buying cigarettes and having possession of/consuming alcohol, and the definition of a juvenile delinquent was declared to cover any child who violates any provision of the Criminal Code. In the juvenile justice system there is an act that protects the average juvenile and primarily focuses on juveniles that are in gangs, this Act is called the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act it was established about 1908 the purpose of this Act is to improve the way in which we treat the juvenile while they are in the system also the purpose of this Act is to make sure the juvenile will not be or should not be put in with an adult criminal. It doesn’t seem like it at times but the juvenile crime rate has gone down by 55%, but just as in the adult world the crime rate for the black/Mexican race is more than double the rate of the White race, also what I found amazing while researching this paper is the fact that 29% (that is nearly one-third) of the violent crimes committed by a juvenile is committed after school hours (3 p.m.- 7 p.m.). Also during my investigation of this topic I discovered that when a juvenile commits a crime that only 9% were sent directly to criminal court while there were 67% sent to juvenile court…

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