Juvenile Delinquency : The Age Of 18 Essay example

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Juvenile delinquency refers to criminal behaviors committed by persons under the age of 18. Once persons reach adulthood criminal behaviors are known as crime. Status and delinquent offenses are behaviors that juveniles encompass. Depending on the age of the offenders, certain behaviors are taken much more heavily depending on the offenses. Police officers, however, take advantage that the adolescent does not know how to properly defend themselves and use their vulnerability against them. As this research paper will explore, juvenile delinquency has different meanings depending on its severity and other factors, and depending on those factors, police officers will often act based on how they can take advantage of those adolescents. Police officers should respect all persons especially adolescents because they are not able to fully defend themselves to the best of their abilities. As a legislator in the State of Olympus, police should be prohibited from interrogating any child younger than age 16 without the child first having the opportunity to confer with a parent or guardian and without obtaining a waiver of rights from both the child and the parent or guardian. Law enforcement officers are the agents of the court who usually represent the first contact between the legal system and a youth. In the initial contact the officer decided whether the youth was seriously antisocial to the extent that he would interfere with the rights of others or be a threat to his own…

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