Juvenile Crime Issues Essay

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Juvenile Crime Issues
CJS 200
February 12, 2012 Juvenile Crime Issues
Children and young adults today are exposed to media shows and movies that affect them. Many have broken homes, face poverty and have other problems in school that affect them and can cause them to do wrong things. The arrest rates for juvenile males are 70%, and 30% for females. Anyone under the age of 18 is considered a juvenile.
There are six categories of children in the juvenile justice system. The delinquent children are those who violate the criminal law. The undisciplined children are beyond parental control. The dependent children have no parents or guardians. The neglected children are those who do not receive proper care from parents or
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When the juvenile’s behavior is in violation of the law, you do an intake for a court to assume jurisdiction. You will have a detention hearing to determine what to do, send them to a job-training program, drug program, or a mental health program, after this there may be a preliminary hearing to determine if you think this person committed a criminal act. If they feel it is necessary they can have a transfer hearing to transfer from juvenile to adult court.
There are adjudicatory hearings which is fact-finding, this is similar to adult trials. Here due process rights are the same.
In 2008 16% of all violent crime was by juvenile offenders. This includes murder, forcible rape, assault and aggravated assault. In California, Florida and Texas, juveniles over the age of 14 who have committed the more serious crimes are tried as adults (Angela Atkinson, eHow Contributor).
In the United States, a juvenile delinquent is a person who has not yet reached the age of majority, and whose behavior has been labeled delinquent by a court. The specific requirements vary from state to state. In the United States, the federal government enacted legislation to unify the handling of juvenile delinquents, the Juvenile Justice and

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