Essay on Juvenile Crime And Juvenile Criminal Activities

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History of juvenile correction
The efforts embraced different agencies to curb juvenile criminal activities have faced several changes since the first efforts towards changing the lives of youthful offenders. During the colonial times, the youth offenders were jailed together with adults after resulting in petty criminal activities for survival or otherwise. Unfortunate circumstances like death of a parent, difficulty economic times, and lack of social welfare among other issues plunged the youth to criminal activities and finally found themselves falling into the justice system of the time. In early 1800, the need to establish a more promising strategy to curb youth criminal activities aggravated by the unfortunate death of their parents, abandonment got recognition by religious organizations which took steps to adopt an alternative strategy to traditional confinement with adults to deal with juvenile issues ( Hart, 1832).
This was the case in New York, where the society for the prevention of pauperism was formed and worked closely with other agencies to develop solutions to issues facing the juveniles. These efforts spearheaded by the society, lead to the formation of New York house of refugee. In 1984, the New York state legislature incorporated the managers of the society for the reformation of juvenile delinquents in the city of New York.
The New York House of Refuge opened in 1825 finally opened with six boys and three girls.10 years from the opening over 1600 youths…

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