Essay about Justice in the View of Amartya Sen

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When we pass through these chapters we find the philosophical state of the concept ‘justice’ especially how the great economist and philosopher Amartya Sen, explains the concept of justice and its features. We can see the different aspects or viewpoints of Amartya Sen about the concept of justice and how the actions of human lead to just. In philosophical sense justice is considered as an important factor of human being. Amartya Sen looks justice as the foundation of the society. He argues that it is necessary that the role of justice in the actions of human being. Amartya Sen considered as one of the most important figures in economics and the world of philosophy. Sen promoted the doctrine that impartiality is the core of justice in the society. We will face more about the life history and major works of Amartya Sen. Here chapter one consist general concepts of justice. If we go through this chapter we will meet the features of the theories of Amartya Sen and life and Works of Amartya Sen etc. Second chapter consist Amartya Sen’s concept of Justice. And when we pass through this chapter, we will meet concepts of justice according to Amartya Sen, importance of justice, types of justice, and what is to be justice etc. And at the end of this chapter there is the comparison between ‘idea of justice’ according to Amartya Sen and ‘theory of justice’ according to John Rawls.

Chapter one



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