Justice in Atonement and the Constant Gardener Essay

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Justice is neither automatic nor inevitable; the attainment of justice typically entails the sacrifice and suffering of those attempting to achieve it. In essence justice is an ideal, which the majority of individuals universally attempt to realize or uphold, however due to the avarice or agendas, which serve the interests of minorities, this ideal is sometimes subverted. Those performing the miscarriage of justice can become unscrupulous in their methods of maintaining this standard of injustice in efforts of self-preservation. This often results in the suffering of those carrying out their quest for justice. This idea, and the concept that the miscarriage of justice can have long lasting and far reaching effects which can never be fully …show more content…
“Yes, evidence. That’s always the problem” (Justin) Such a standard of proof is needed that it is sometimes next to impossible to support the argument, which is in fact truth. This often allows those committing the injustice to be untouchable in the eyes of the law, and therefore can cause further suffering to those being unjustly acted against.

In the film The Constant Gardener Tessa is attempting to gain sufficient evidence to expose Three Bees for their wrongdoings. To go through the correct legal channels that Tessa is attempting to go through, she must have adequate evidence to prove that this is happening beyond reasonable doubt. This time spent collecting evidence is allowing for further manipulation of the Kenyans and then opens Tessa up to be attacked herself. In her quest to right the wrongs of such a powerful corporation Tessa has undertaken much hardship and suffering, ultimately given her life for this cause, further proving the point that suffering is characteristic of the quest for justice.

In the novel Atonement we can see that in order to attain justice, one must have adequate evidence to prove that there is in fact an issue to be dealt with and that justice is not already being carried out. While Lola may not have accused Robbie herself of raping her, she stood idly by as he was charged with her rape. This obstruction of justice has affects on not only Robbie’s life but also Cecilia’s. Briony’s judgment is

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