The Wicker Man Analysis

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Remember, remember the fifth of November of gunpowder treason and plot. I know of no reason why the gun powder treason should ever be forgot.”

The Grate Catesby
Still, Fawkes was the only man ever to enter Parliament with honest intentions.

A lot has happened in 411 years, parliaments today are highly respected, highly paid and monarchs tend to not conflate with constitutional proceedings, policy chaos or of the word of the people. Nevertheless, the term: treason is a byword and such law has been locked in a vault untouched by lawyer hand for neons; granted, this is what comes of having a system that pleases all of our Queen 's subjects simultaneously. Gloriously heinous plotting against parliaments or monarchs is a thing of the past; sealed
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Faceless Guys could 've been any guy, my observations tended to get the head and eye roll from my elders. My compromise would be: "If all Guys replicated The Wicker Man (1973) I could at least claim they put some effort into it!" The 'tut, tut ' response would be the introduction to... "You 're too eager to complex stuff, nearly always the simplest concepts are the most rewarding." I slowly took on board whatever was to be put on a bonfire, it always ended up as ashes anyway; so I deduced the Guy analogy simulates the life cycle. 'You 're created, you work for a pretty penny and then you get some wheels, eventually you end up on a mountainous social care system, until that fateful day. ' But, history tells us a different story about Guy Fawkes... he perished in his sorry prime by jumping off a wall; surely, the story of 'Humpty Dumpty ' would be for fitting; albeit all of the king 's horses and all the king 's men... cheered, instead of putting Humpty back together

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