Essay on Just Business Christian Ethics For The Marketplace

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Just Business by Alexander Hill Book Review

Just Business Christian Ethics for the Marketplace. By Alexander Hill: Intervarsity Press, 2008, 276 pp; $14.95. Niquitha M. Dawson Alexander Hill’s Just Business is the first book that I have read that is based on Christian Ethics for Business. In Just Business Hill poses the question “Is A Christian Ethic Possible in Business?” (p.12) Hill gives us a base to support the application of Christian values and ethics in decision making in business. With similarities with both Christian ethics and human-centered ethics overlapping each other we have to look at the priority of each one. Hill states that there are three divine characteristics that have direct bearing on ethical decision-making and they are repeatedly emphasized in the Bible; (p.15) The concepts of holiness, justice and love. Hill also shows how some common responses to business fall short of a fully Christian response. (back cover)
The book tries to explain or answer the question of ethical structures of holiness, justice and love, which is outlined in scripture, for business practices. This is in the opening of the first reading in the book. He uses the three characters of God to have a direct bearing on the ethical decisions we make in life. In this first section God’s main quality as the Holy-Just -Loving character. (p.15) The author uses this to compare to a three-legged stool and each leg has a charter. He uses different scenarios to show how scripture coincides…

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