Jury Nullification And The Justice System Essay examples

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The key topic that is under debate throughout this paper is jury nullification and how its procedures work within the justice system, as well as some of its strengths and weaknesses. There is quite a bit of controversy surrounding jury nullification being used as a primary rectification in the justice system as it tends to make equal outcomes become unequal outcomes. Jury nullification is a process in which a jury reaches a verdict of not guilty despite the fact that the defendant is actually guilty of the actions he or she is being charged for. The jury nullifies a law that is believed to be immorally wrong or wrongfully applied to the defendant.
The Canadian justice system should recognize jury nullification in any case where there are harassment and abuse during the prosecution process as there should be a system that can justify why one may not be guilty due to unfair prosecution and procedure. The process of jury nullification should not be limited nor expanded and should just remain unchanged. If the process of jury nullification were to be expanded, it would result in jury anarchy and allow all jurors to follow their own opinions and sympathies rather than the law itself. Also, if jury nullification were to be limited, the public would lose its faith and trust in the justice system due to the fact that decisions and verdicts would simply be based on the law and would not fluctuate to each case. There would also be no point in having jury nullification outwardly…

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