Junot Diaz 's Full Of Hope Essay

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Although it’s very to lose hope with the battles Yunior faces in life, Junot Diaz always maintains to keep the character full of hope and always keeps an open mind about everything, making him optimistic and full of life. It’s understandable that you may believe this story is pessimistic in numerous ways. For example, he does fall off the grid for a while when he begins selling drugs and hanging out with the wrong crowd. Also, how the relationship between Yunior and Rafa isn’t the best brotherly love anyone can truly have. Apart from this, the book tries to be realistic; nobody has a perfect relationship with their siblings and nobody has had the “perfect” lifestyle we all hope for. Junot shows this by explaining the obstacles people go through in reality, whether it’s drugs, abandonment issues or having a distant relationship with your family members – for Yunior, it was both his brother and father. By doing this, it does not mean that Yunior was pessimistic in any way, because in the book he does try to get closer to Rafa and follow his lead and try to please him. He also does this with his father, he talks about him at the beginning as if he is the best guy in the world when he doesn’t really understand anything that the father has done. He has so much faith and so much hope that things do get better without really knowing what will happen in the future, hence why it’s believable that Yunior is very optimistic about his life.
Throughout the story, Yunior gets in a…

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