Jungle Descriptive Essay

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The jungle looked like a child had sploshed layers of solid blue, white and green paint on a blank canvas, the blue strip of sky, white line of sweltering bubbly clouds and a vast green canopy stretching beneath. It created a sign - a flag, the blue, white and green banner of the jungle, surmounted on high to declare the jungle’s glory and prowess, demanding dominance over any other lifeform because it’s a jungle out there.
The canopy is a thick green blanket; it smothers the jungle until one can hardly breathe due to the oppressive, heavy air. The canopy looks like an endless swamp of algae bloom, rolling over the hills and valleys, soft to the touch like moss. Above the canopy the clouds swelter at the line that marks the sky from the jungle: a bubbling, ever expanding vapour. It hangs there, like the crest of a colossal wave, frozen in its rolling white splendour that would soon engulf the sky. All around lays an azure blue backdrop, a drowsy sea, giving way to the roaring, thundering, white waves. Small birds flit between the clouds and tree tops giving, forever wary and alert for danger because it’s a jungle out there.
The birds fly out of sight and silence reins – anticipating some danger.
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Its sharp, yellow beak glinting in the sun as it scanned the sky for prey. Its sharp talons protrude from the plumage. The feathers were like dark chocolate, all neatly aligned, not a single one ruffled, the eagle was calm, deadly and completely control .The black beady irises glare down at the trees surrounded yellow, like onyx gems, suspended in a sea of amber - imperial, powerful and distant. It glared at the ground, where the tree trunks parted to allow for an overgrown, seldom travelled path which saw a human scurry along in fear once in a decade because it’s a jungle out

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