Essay about Judge John Hibbett

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The purpose of this article is to inform Tennesseans about their history for their President of the Tennessee Historical Society, Judge John Hibbett DeWitt of the mid 1900’s. It let’s readers know about his accomplishments and what he did to better the city and community of Nashville and to keep Nashville’s history living on and moving forward. The author also wants to inform us that not only did Judge Hibbett DeWitt enforce laws but he also was a man that took great pride in the history of his community. The moral of the article is if you put in the effort and hard work your legacy will live on and you will be remembered as someone who made a difference in peoples lives. The Authors viewpoint on this article is to show that no ones hard …show more content…
We know only of the recognition from the Vanderbilt Alumnus and that is all that we are given. The only evidence that the author gives us of his knowledge of the Society is on the first page of the article in the second paragraph.

The organization of the article starts off with the author speaking the death of Judge John Hibbett DeWitt on March 7,1937. The author then goes on to talk about his being born on September 21,1872 in Sumner County, Tennessee. The author begins to talk about Judge H. DeWitt’s father and two ancestors informing us that they were Revolutionary soldiers. The author then tells readers about his education and the beginning of his law career. The author later goes on to tell readers that Governor Austin Peay appointed Judge DeWitt an associate justice. Finally the author concludes with the death of Judge DeWitt shortly after his vacation in 1936. The authors writing style was in paragraph form complying with most readers reading style. There were no photographs or even charts to catch the reader’s eyes making readers imagine as they read.
Although the article taught me a little about Tennessee’s history, I would not recommend it. The article was not interesting at all. The author showed no effort in trying to draw me into the article and about Judge H. DeWitt’s life. Yes the judge accomplished a lot of goals but the author never told readers why he wanted to accomplish these

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