Judaism 's Views On Judaism Essay

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All I knew about this religion was what I heard and discussed in conversations with some of my friends who are practicing members. According to an article published in 2004 and updated in 2015 in the religion facts website, Judaism is one of the oldest religions in the world that still exists today. Jewish history, beliefs, and traditions were recorded in the Hebrew Bible beginning as early as the 8th century BC. Although it never achieved dominant numbers, the faith of the Hebrews continues to influence the modern western world. Jewish beliefs center on the conviction that there is only one God. Today, approximately 14 million people identify themselves as Jews. There are three main branches of Judaism, each with different approaches to religious life: Orthodox; Conservative; and Reform. Jewish life is rich in traditions, rituals and holidays, which commemorate the past, celebrate the present, and express hope for the future. For the purpose of this paper I will touch on the main beliefs of Judaism in general making reference to the different approaches as needed. There are very few core Jewish beliefs. In essence the Jewish people believe in One God who created the world and gave them a Torah. Torah means "instructions" and is often referred to as Toras Chaim which means "instructions for living". Jews believe in the existence of God the Creator, perfect in all manner of existence God is one and there is no other oneness like His. Jews accept that this Oneness…

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