Judaism 's Views On Judaism Essay

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Judaism came into existence an estimated 3500 years ago. What was unique to Judaism at the time was the belief in one God. While Moses came later than Abraham, he is probably thought of as the founder of Judaism. The Jewish scriptures are recorded in the Torah, which are the same as the first five books in the Old Testament used by Christians. There are also a set of commentaries on the Torah, called the Talmud, that provide details on how to live out daily life. Jews celebrate services in their Synagogues, most typically from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday. Their holy day of rest is called the Sabbath (Schools-Religion, 2014).
There are around 13 million Jews living throughout the world, with most of them residing in either Israel or the United States. Jews believe that God formed a covenant with them that stood them apart from those living around them. At the core of the covenant was an agreement to live according to God’s laws which encouraged them to live holy lives. Jewish people put much weight on how one lives and how much one contributes to society (Schools-Religion, 2014).
Unlike other religions, Judaism can also be thought of as a cultural group, as many people who do not believe in the basic tenants of the Jewish faith, still identify strongly as Jewish. These Jews would be referred to as Secular Jews. Jews that hold strictly to the oldest traditions of the religion are referred to as Orthodox Jews. Two other groups formed in the 19th century. Reformed Jews…

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