Journey to the Center of the Earth Essay

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Professor Von Hardwigg, a fifty-five year old German chemist, philosopher, and mineralogist comes across a parchment written by Arne Saknissemm, telling where to find the entrance to the center of the earth. Very enthusiastic about his findings he immediately gathers his supplies for his journey, with his nephew Harry, who will accompany him on the voyage, and who narrates the story. They travel to Iceland because the entrance is located at Mount Sneffles, a dormant volcano. They are guided to the top by an Icelander guide named, Hans, who is very skilled and strong, and he is later asked to travel with them as their guide for a payment in return. He gladly excepts as they travel to the bottom of the volcano.
As soon as the three
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During their journey to the center of the earth they take the wrong tunnels leading them closer to the surface. Harry told his uncle that they were going up but Professor Hardwigg ignored him and kept going, saying they will never know until they go to the end. The three men are parched and delirious from their lack of water. Harry is weak and sick from thirst and was in the worst condition out of all of them. He was convinced he was going to die but Hans didn't give up hope. He continued to search for water when the other two were sleeping and managed to find some behind a wall of granite in the tunnel.
While in the tunnels, Harry found the walls of the tunnels rather interesting because it had many rock formations dating back hundreds of years. While he was examining the walls he somehow strayed away from his uncle and Hans. He was lost and wasn't sure if they past him or if they were behind him. He was terrified of the feeling of being alone and started panicking. His light burnt out and he was then stranded alone in the dark not knowing where to go. Hours later he heard his uncle's voice and they tried to find each other by sound. Harry became very weak, so weak he was unable to use his legs and fell to the ground. He didn't want to give up so he started dragging himself with his hands until he hit his head on a rock and

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