Journalism And The Journalism Industry Essay

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Throughout the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries when the journalism industry began to blossom, a series of changes have occurred within the field. Various scholars, writers, and publishers have argued multiple facets within and surrounding the journalism industry. A few topics include its role in society, the types of reporting genres, broadcasting and the role of reliable news, and the use of social media to share what’s happening currently in news. Works shown in this paper date back as far as 1906 and as recently as 2010. Two viewpoints provided by Philadelphia Public Ledger publisher George W. Ochs, the author of a 1906 scholarly article titled “Journalism” state the role that journalism has in society and the importance of outstanding journalism. On the role that journalism had in society at the time the article was published, Ochs stated the following: “Journalism, at the present, is the teacher of a self-conscious democracy. It is the molder of public opinion.” Ochs also touched upon the importance of outstanding journalism in his article: “Journalism has become a chief factor, if not a potential one, in the world’s affairs.” My stance on the role of journalism coming from the view of a college Freshman and an aspiring writer who would like to pursue becoming a journalist as a career is that despite there being reports regarding some downfalls in the journalism industry as of late, there remains a need for high quality reporting today.
In George W. Ochs’…

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