Joseph Stalin: The Greatest Leaders Of The 20th Century

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Joseph Vissarionovich Djugashvili, famously known as Joseph Stalin, is one of the greatest leaders of the 20th Century. Born in Gori, Georgia to a very religious family, Stalin was a very intelligent child. The other children treated him with disrespect, and because of this, Joseph began a journey for purpose and dignity. Stalin first joined the Social Democratic Labour Party, then he was appointed by Lenin to Bolshevik Party Central Committee. In 1917 he was named Commissar of Nationalities after Bolshevik, then appointed General Secretary of the Communist Party in 1922 . He soon became the dictator of the USSR, and finally got the privilege of ruling the country. Joseph Stalin did a lot to make the Soviet Union a better place. Joseph Stalin …show more content…
He saw this as a key into modernizing the Soviet Union for the better. “The Soviet Union also gave opportunities to women - crèches were set up so they could also work. Women became doctors and scientists, as well as canal diggers and steel workers.” (BBC News) Stalin did a lot to make sure that the Soviets were doing all they could to make the country a better place.

VE Day was on May 8, 1945, and this was all because of Joseph Stalin and his fast thinking and smart tactics. On Aug 23, 1939 Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin signed the German-Soviet Nonaggression Pact, that made sure that Germany would never attack the Soviet Union. the Soviets and Germans agreed how they would later divide up Eastern Europe. Consequently, Hitler chose to broke the German-Soviet Nonaggression Pact and it fell apart on June 1941. Since the “Soviet leadership had refused to heed warnings from the Western Powers of the German troop buildup along its western border.” (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum), Stalin was very surprised of the attack, he thought that he and Hitler’s pact was solid. Because of Stalin’s rapid problem solving, on “December 6, 1941, the Soviet Union launched a major counterattack against the center of the front, driving the Germans back from Moscow
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