Jonathan Swift 's A Modest Proposal Essay

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Jonathan Swift wrote many stories that used a broad range of voices. Some were used to compel personal statements. For example, A Modest Proposal, uses both sarcasm and irony. Taking into account the persona of Swift, as well as the time period in which it was written, you can prove that through the use of sarcasm and irony, this proposal is actually written to entertain. The true irony in this story lies in the context of the story as it is written.

Irony is one of the voices present throughout the story. The story is ironic since no one can take it seriously. Irony is clearly demonstrated at the end of the story when Swift makes it clear that this proposal would not affect him since his children were grown and his wife unable to have any more children. A rational man wouldn 't want to both propose this and partake in the eating of another human being. Before analyzation can continue, one has to assume that this is a fictional Sarcasm and Irony in Swift 's A Modest Proposal.

Another voice that is present throughout the entire story is that of sarcasm. To understand this further, a reader has to comprehend that Swift, was a member of the upper-class. In the first paragraph Swift attempts to fool his readers by using sarcasm. For example, he mentions that it is a melancholy sight to see beggars and their children on the street. The sarcastic paradox in this statement is whether it is a melancholy object for him, having to see homeless people every day, or for the…

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