Essay about John 's Gospel And The Gospel

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Differently from the three the synoptic Gospels, John’s Gospel gives a distinct and unique perspective of the life of Jesus Christ. This was written clearly and purposefully for the hearers. The Gospel is divided in to two major parts in which John unfolds the purpose for which he composed the Gospel. As clear as it is demonstrated in the fourth Gospel. In order to gain a necessary understanding of the purpose of the Gospel, there is a need to unfold and expand on the way of the messiahship of Jesus Christ. John’s unique perspective is purposeful while aiming to gain a spiritual understanding and a meaning of the Gospel.

In the beginning of John’s Gospel narrative, references are encountered of the Genesis account. The Word of God who was in the beginning, who was with God and all things were created through Him. The Word which was life and the light of men, which darkness did not comprehend. In this reference John gives the foretaste and an insight into the degree of the message of the Gospel which systematically builds up as a well-structured biblical literature. John’s intent is to show that in contrast with the synoptics, the Gospel can actually be traced back to the beginning of creation itself. This emphasis highlights a divine plan that was orchestrated from the beginning of time. John is concerned to follow up with the Genesis references in chapter one by stating divine proofs in a form of miracles. The epistle, then, is being escalated and continuously unfolded by…

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