John Tolkien 's ' The Hobbit ' Essay

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“In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit” -- so begins a story that seems to have sprung to life of its own accord. As Tolkien himself stated, he picked up a pen and scrawled those ten little words on the blank page of a student examination book. Tolkien made clear throughout his life that didn’t set out to write a covert allegory of the Gospel, and yet his story is rich in spiritual significance and “filled with images of transcendent truth.” Finding God in the Hobbit pXX As Jim Ware points out in his work, “Finding God in the Hobbit,” “At a certain level an artist’s character and worldview are more important than his stated goals and intentions…and this inevitably comes through in his work…And the writer’s most deeply held beliefs and convictions are generally in his tale.” Finding God in the Hobbit pXXI
Unlike his contemporary, C.S. Lewis, who had a dull, lifeless Christian upbringing, Tolkien lost his mother as a young boy and blamed her death on the religious oppression that happened because of her conversion to Catholicism. This significantly impacted him and was one factor in Tolkien becoming such a devout Catholic. Following her death, he was raised by Father Francis Morgan, which hardened his religious beliefs and specifically his strong Catholic faith. I Am In Fact p5
“I am a Christian,” Tolkien declared in a 1958 letter to Deborah Webster adding that he believed that that fact could be “deduced from my stories.” He further explained that while he didn’t…

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