John Steinbeck's Writing Style

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John Steinbeck was and is one of history’s greatest American writers because of his great writing works. Since Steinbeck was a naturalist, many of his works had a main theme of nature, the human attempts to compromise with nature, and human connections. For example, in Of Mice and Men, his book of the two migrant workers and their endeavors portray how hard it was to get a job during the Great Depression and keep it. It also showed how people who had a job, struggled to make a living. It showed how human connections were made, stretched, and broken. For example, when Lennie accidentally breaks Candy’s neck, George takes Lennie out to help him escape Curly and the other ranch hands, and right before they find him, George kills Lennie. This …show more content…
He often considered his writing to be experimental. In some of his books, such as the Grapes of Wrath, he intentionally uses a documentary style writing to give the book more life. He also often wrote the book as if from the characters point of view, giving the book and story more depth and reality. The historical significance of Steinbeck and his writing are important because he wrote his most famous books about and during the Great Depression. It gave readers an idea of what life could have been during that time in history. Since Steinbeck grew up in Salinas, CA and lived around that area, it gave him inspiration to write about things he saw. This is the reason for his culturally diverse and migrant stories. In conclusion, John Steinbeck was and it one of history’s greatest “dead white men” because he influenced America’s literary history with his stories. His naturalistic background is a major reason why his books are mostly about nature, human attempts to compromise with nature, and human connections. His books, Of Mice and Men and Grapes of Wrath, are also very influential to America’s history because it gave readers an idea of life during the Great Depression. John Steinbeck is one of history’s greatest writers because he told the stories of so many migrant Americans during his time which so many others would have never thought about if not for

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