John Steinbeck 's Of Mice And Men Essay

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Throughout the novel “Of Mice and Men” there were a lot of notable themes, but none more prominent than disability. In the novel, John Steinbeck displays various forms of disabilities including mental disability, race, and gender. Steinbeck also analyzes the affects that these disabilities have on the characters of the novel and their roles in society. Whether we analyze the relationships that the characters have with the disabled, or how their disability hinders them professionally or socially in society, it is evident that John Steinbeck’s goal is to make disability a forefront theme in “Of Mice and Men”.
In the novel, Steinbeck’s description of George and Lennie’s friendship provides an example of the caregiver type relationship that people often have with the disabled. Through the course of the novel, George finds himself taking care of Lennie and attempting to keep him out of trouble. When Lennie was accused of raping the young woman in Weed, George had to take Lennie and run away so that Lennie would not get arrested or killed. This is one of the first things we learn about Lennie and George’s relationship, likely because it is the most important. Steinbeck is providing insight on the type of relationship that Lennie and George have, with Lennie being dependent on George to guide him and keep him out of trouble. This form of relationship is very common between the disabled and the abled. The abled often find themselves taking care of their disabled loved one, instead…

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