John Quincy Adams And Andrew Jackson Essay

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After a time of triumph and nationalism post War of 1812, Americans were as gleeful as could be. The war ended gallantly with a win in New Orleans by troops led by Andrew Jackson. The presidential race of 1828 consisted of two strong candidates with faithful followers, John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson. Adams was a highly educated man in terms of foreign affairs with his supporters being called National Republicans. On the contrary, Jackson, or "Old Hickory," was a charismatic man of the South with his Jacksonians by his side. This election had three times the amounts of voters than previous years due to the new laws allowing white males above the age of 21 to vote, regardless if they owned land or not. Ultimately, Jackson won and stepped into office being dubbed a man of the people, but in reality he was just a mere circumstance of an era of nationalism. Jackson was not a man of the people because his title of being a war hero overshadowed his faults, he killed one-fourth of the Native Americans on the Trail of Tears, and he sent the United States into a depression. Yes, Jackson brightened America 's day when he led troops to victory during the time of the War of 1812, but people were so pleased with him that his major flaws seemed to be ignored. The National Republicans attempted to bring a few of these flaws to light before he even stepped into office. In hopes of changing Jacksonian 's minds, "they brought out every skeleton in Jackson’s closet; his duels and…

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