Essay on John Milton : Behind The Paradise Lost

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Abby McWilliams
English 271
July 12, 2016
John Milton: Behind the Paradise Lost
John Milton was English poet with a strong view of his religious beliefs. He was disowned from his family when he changed from his original Catholic religion. He then went on to study and did well in his academics. He later on wrote pamphlets and articles on his view of religion and how churches should be more merciful with the rules for Christians to follow. He was known for his opinion being expressed boldly and not being afraid to say it to the world. Paradise Lost was his way of expressing his beliefs and hoping the world would understand and accept it. The following research paper will discuss the how Milton debuts his religious points in Paradise Lost.
One of the main points was the importance of God’s forgiveness is shown through Milton’s work. He uses Adam and Eve to represent how mankind does make mistakes and disobey God continually. Satan turns himself into a serpent ready to tempt them with the fruit in the Tree of Knowledge. Eve takes and eats the fruit after the serpent convinces her that God said he wanted her to do it. She immediately knows she did wrong and searches for Adam. Adam take of the fruit as well in despair of losing Eve because of her impurity to God. According to Larry Langford, an English Literature professional from Rice University,
“Though God may have created Adam sufficient to have stood though free to fall, he also created him with certain…

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