John Jeremiah Wright 's A More Perfect Union Essay example

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After talking for hours, the conversation reaches a turning point. Without warning, my grandmother brings up the topic of marriage. The words escaped from her mouth, “I’ll never have my grandchild marry a black man.” This unprecedented comment settles in my mind. I realize that racism and discrimination exist within my own family. Nationwide, these ideas were never eradicated. Unfortunately, discrimination persists in the United States. This is an irrefutable fact, but a large portion of the public believes that racial discrimination is not issue. After the Civil Rights Movement, the United States addresses the issue of racism once again. The theme of discrimination strings together President Obama’s words in “A more Perfect Union.” Obama explores Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s remarks and respond ˗˗ bringing a sensitive subject back in the light invites a lot of criticism. In the end, Obama proves to be an influential speaker through his persuasive style and honest tone.
In A More Perfect Union, the reader first reads an expository description. These opening paragraphs elucidate the background leading up to the address. President Obama’s organized logic leads the reader through the history leading up to the present. His words reveal tensions deep in the minds of every day Americans. At the time of this speech, Reverend Jeremiah Wright made offensive comments towards African Americans in an attempt to excoriate Obama’s campaign for president. Wright, once a beloved friend of the…

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