Essay about John Holt 's School Is Bad For Children

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Issues in Education:
John Holt’s “School Is Bad for Children” They say everyone’s opinions matter, but in an academic school setting, opinions are irrelevant. In John Holt’s “School Is Bad for Children”, the author addresses the problem of the public education system. Holt portrays the schools by saying that they kill children’s curiosity about life, and goes to show his personal reaction since he himself is a teacher and educational theorist. An analysis of “School Is Bad for Children” reveals that not only his personal characteristics and his underlying message about education, but that the rhetorical strategies engage the reader and that the reader can grasp the author’s message about the flaws of education. Holt’s personal characteristics really impacts the reader when they discover the author’s career background and educational background. Holt himself is a teacher and educational theorist, which affects the works because it shows that the author has a sense of knowledge on the subject. The author’s diction used in the work is formal. This can affect the reader by showing a sense of professionalism. Another characteristic that was shown was tone. It is portrayed as a persuasive tone, trying to get the audience to understand the facts Holt is presenting when he talks about the children losing their curiosity and understanding about reality. Genre is an important part of literary works. The type of genre used in this work was nonfiction essay. This type of genre is…

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