John F. Kennedy 's Speech Essays

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There are few men that challenge not only themselves, but the people around them to reach for the stars. Even fewer people actually reach them and not just figuratively. John F. Kennedy did exactly this in his speech to address America’s decision to put a man on the moon. The year was 1961 the cold war was in full effect and Russia was making headway in the race for the moon. The Russians had succeeded in putting the first man in space along with launching the first satellite into orbit. These actions proved to the world that they had the strength and technology to be a great nation. The world was watching the United States closely and saw that Russia was beginning to establish themselves as an international superpower
The United States needed to make their move. The demand to develop our nation’s dominancy in the world was crucial at this time. The president needed to inspire and motivate the citizens of the United States to believe they were members of a truly unique and innovative country. John F. Kennedy did just that in his address to the people at Rice University on September 12, 1962.
President Kennedy was a WWII veteran and was overwhelmingly loved by the American public. He was one of the most popular presidents since world war two. Mr. Kennedy knew it was imperative for us to understand and explore the universe. He spoke of the history of mankind and the evolutionary steps that the human race has made. The importance of moving forward to advance the technology of…

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