John Brown 's Influence On Slavery Essay example

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As history was about to be changed, John Brown informed Fredrick Douglas about his plans; he summoned that, “When I strike, the bees will begin to swarm, and I want you to help hive them.” For John Brown, striking was not the hard part, getting the ‘bees to swarm’ was. Growing up in Connecticut, John Brown was an abolitionist who always hated the idea of slavery. With two previous marriages and twenty children, Brown did not miss out on any opportunity to spread his anti-slavery views. To help slaves Brown moved his family and himself to places like Massachusetts, Kansas, and Connecticut to help fugitive slaves cross the border into Canada to become free. John Brown had gathered many people to join his anti-slavery acts. Once he had a big enough ‘army’, he marched his men to a small town in West Virginia to attack the pro-slavery farmers. Even though, his followers were not powerful, they were very loyal as they almost saved his life during his trial. Although Brown led a failed rebellion, it succeeded in influencing the course of history forever. Due to his large following, John Brown was able to lead an attack on a pro-slavery town to hopefully change the minds of many slave owners. The Harpers Ferry Raid took place intending to be the beginning of a revolution to free slaves in the mountains of Maryland and Virginia. It was a surprise attack that “won moral and financial support from several prominent Bostonians.” (britanica). Brown had his attack planned out with…

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