The Legend Of John Henry's Story

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I chose the legend of John Henry, because this story was different from the rest, it wasn’t how an outlaw was actually good or how a royal child could have survived a planned attack, but it was the story of a man different from any other heros, that made him a legend. I read the three renditions of John Henry; The legend of John Henry, John Henry the poem, and John Henry the short film. All of these plots are closely related, but are in a different format than the others and they have different details in them. I believe, John Henry is a legend for a reason, because of his characteristics, his life and the lessons, he teaches through his actions. John Henry does have some great morals and is more complex, than some people think he is.
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I want to show, you some of the lessons that make John Henry’s story inspiring. John never gives up, even though it was so much work, he never did and that is a valuable lesson to learn. Henry only wanted to help his people and himself and helping others is also a good moral to have. With passion and determination, you can do anything, John knew if he went at it and didn’t stop, he’d succeed. A key word in the poem and the short film was fate. In the poem, John knew his fate was to die by the works of the hammers and in the short film his fate was to help and restore hope in people. Fate is closely tied to the word, destiny. We all have a plan, there is no changing it, but there is adding details to it. John never knew how he would die with the help of the hammers, the only thing he knew was that those hammers would kill him, one day. Also John did help others by saving their jobs. In the short film and in the poem, his fate was met, but in a graceful manner which deserves respect and honor. John, also encourages you to have confidence in what you do. That in my views, is a lesson, worth …show more content…
John Henry is a legend. He was brave enough to risk his life to help others. He believed in himself and was able to achieve in what he believed. I still believe, John Henry is a legend due to his characteristics, his lifeline, and his morals. You can learn tons of lessons from reading or watching the different versions of John Henry. I chose these renditions, because in all three John dies, but there are some where, he lives. John wasn’t just a hero based on his strength and braun like other heros, but he was kind, passionate, devoted, hard-working, and he resided fate in what he believed in and that allowed him to the legend, he

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