Rhetorical Analysis Of Patrick Henry's Speech

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The writer of this primary document is Patrick Henry, an upset colonist who was trying to get his voice out there. The audience of the document is mostly the king, or "President" as Patrick Henry calls him, and the colonists. The writer is representing a man who thinks more highly of patriotism that any man. He really knows what he wants and is trying to persuade others of his position. In my opinion he is representing change.
Patrick Henry was a major figure of the revolutionary era, he is most known for his passionate speechmaking in defense of liberty (Lively). He was born on May 29th 1736 in Hanover County, Virginia and was expected to be more than just a farm boy because he was intelligent. As he grew up he became a well-respected politician and speaker that wanted the freedom of the state he governed, he did not support slavery. Henry became a symbol of America’s struggle for
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The speech, is a historical speech because of his rhetorical techniques and appeals which persuades the audience. The agenda of Henry’s speech was to promote the idea of having the right to bare arms. Patrick Henry most definitely made an impact in the political part of America. He showed an act of bravery by speaking the truth whether anyone was offended or not. Patrick was a man who was destined to fight for our liberty in America. We all should admire Patrick Henry for his intelligence and boldness.
Henry uses a parallel structure in his sentence to show that liberty is equally as valuable and desirable as death is undesirable and destructive. By paralleling them in a balanced sentence, he is saying that the outcome will be one or the other and there can be no compromise. This source is worth examining because it shows the way we fought for our liberty. This source is also relevant today because without Henry’s speech would we have

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