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The musical notes ring through the air with a certain beauty about them that is special compared to other pieces from different composers. This would be one of the many great works from Johann Sebastian Bach. He was one of the most brilliant composers of his time, and one of the most brilliant composers to ever compose music in history. His work was good enough to get him jobs working for the church and royalty of all kinds. Bach was born in Germany on March 31st, 1685 into a family of musicians. This strong heritage in music tracks back several generations. Bach started going to school at seven years old where he started learning religious and educational things. By the age of ten Bach was an orphan, both of his parents had died. His brother …show more content…
Where he did about everything from being a violinist to being the full time organist. His next job was as a organist at the New Church in arnstadt. He provided music for services and various religious activities and also taught students. This did not work out well because of Bach’s cocky like behavior that often got him in trouble with church officials. Bach eventually left his job after taking an unexpected trip to hear a famous organist without telling anyone where he was going, but he was happy to get a new job in 1707. Bach bounce around for years trying job after job until he received a job from the Prince of Leopold of Anhalt-Cothen. Bach’s former employer would not let him depart and even threw him in prison when he tried to leave. He was later allowed to leave and start his new job. He quickly started devoting most of his time to instrumental music and started writing music for concerts and other events. Bach continued composing and playing music throughout the coming years. By 1740 he was starting to lose his eyesight, but this was not stopping him from traveling and continuing to play music. He became known in his later years as a better organist than a composer. In conclusion, Bach’s works went on to be studied by the great Beethoven and other well renowned composers and musicians. He was considered a master in making the music come to life and show the emotions it was meant to. He

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