Jimmy Braddock And The Great Depression

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The plot took place during the Great Depression. A man named Jimmy Braddock was struggling to pay the bills and take care of his wife and kids. He had no job because he was injured. He was even forced to go on public relief. His career seemed to be over. The only thing he cared about was his family. In order to help his family, he returned to the ring. No one thought he had a chance but he kept winning. Then he did what was least expected and versed the heavyweight champ Max Baer,who is known killing two men in the ring. He ended up winning and overcoming the struggle of the Great Depression.

People couldn't pay the bills on time because they weren't making enough money. In the movie when Jimmy and his wife couldn’t afford the bills anymore so there electric got turned off. Also, people were losing their jobs a lot because of the great depression. Jimmy wasn't doing good in his fights so they let him go. Then, there was a stockmarket crash which wiped out people's investments . Another reason that we discussed in class was credit buying. Many people bought things with money they did not have. The final reason was “the dust bowl”. Because of this people's crops were dying . Farmers also had to leave and migrate west.

During the Great depression some americans helped each other. For
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First, the film focused on the normal hardships during the Great depression. For example, Jim had to supply for his family and pay the bills. Another hardship that Jim faced was his broken arm and losing many of his match ups. Also The film showed money struggles. In the film Jimmy and his wife couldn’t afford much.Lastly they showed food troubles. In the film Jimmy's wife had to ration the food out. It also showed job struggles. In the film it was hard for Jimmy to get/keep a job. As u can see this film did a good job of representing the plight of the average American during the Great

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