Essay on JHT Task 1 Karen Means

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JHT Task 1
Karen Means

A. Company J (Javelin Shoes) Final Cumulative Balanced Scorecard, Income Statement, and Balance Sheet

B. Competitive Strategy
I chose a multi-regional, focused differentiation strategy tailored to match the differing competitive conditions and actions of rivals in the North America, Europe-Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America regions. In years 11 through 16, my strategy focused on “upscale buyers wanting products…with world class attributes.” (Thompson, Peteraf, Gamble, & Strickland, 2012) I chose this strategy because the cultures represented in my demographic are radically different, thus I believed we needed a strategy that catered to those differences. This focused strategy concentrates on
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(Thompson, Peteraf, Gamble, & Strickland, 2012) I did that, to my detriment. Additionally, I miscalculated the impact a celebrity endorsement would have on my financials. In my world, celebrities are people whose faces you see a lot. I don’t identify with them, and seeing one on a commercial has no impact on my buying decisions. Apparently, not many people live in my world. All analyses discussed further will deal with years 11 through 16, and I followed a consistent strategy in those years. Years 17 and 18 are a clear example of what happens when you veer from a strategy that is working. Had the simulation gone on longer I may have been able to grow the company; however, I do not know if I would have re-captured the momentum of the first 7 years.
C. Competitor Evaluation
One of my biggest competitors was company G. While they did not win the game, they did come in second. They also had the highest weighted EPS and ROE. One of their strengths was the shear volume of pairs sold. Without exception, they sold over twice my volume in every market until year 18. In year 18, I finally outsold them in the Asia/Pacific and Latin America markets. They increased production immediately and continued to increase production as the game progressed. This increased production, combined with their lower retail and wholesale price points, allowed them to

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