JET2 Task#5 Essay

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Custom Snowboards
Western Governors University
Custom Snowboards
A1. Key Points
Custom Snowboards, Inc. is interested in securing funding to expand into the
European market. Financial statistics have been provided within this report to discuss the feasibility of this expansion. To fund the project, Custom Snowboards wishes to secure capital debt of $1,000,000. Custom Snowboards has seen considerable growth in the percentage of sales and substantial increase in revenue. They expect future sales to continue to rise, which would be beneficial to the lender and Custom Snowboards.
A horizontal analysis will be reviewed and will reveal the Custom Snowboards financial position
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This is strength for Custom Snowboards and shows a determination in reducing these liabilities. Custom Snowboards is attempting to demonstrate they are committed to expansion and growth. They anticipate the European expansion will help generate sales and earnings that will help them meet their long-term liabilities. CUSTOM SNOWBOARDS 6
Total Liabilities
Custom Snowboards posted total liabilities of $54,640 in year 12 and year 13, which is down 5.5%. Total liabilities continued to show a decrease during year 13 and year 14 of 6.2% or $57,520. This is strength for Custom Snowboards and shows a determination to reduce debt. Custom Snowboard has provided transparency of its financial records to provide an understanding of the mission of the company and to help with the approval process in securing the $1,000,000 debt.
A2. Risks
Profitability is important in any business. To ensure profitability, cost-saving measures must be considered and initiated to reduce financial risks (Hunt, 2013). This will help Custom Snowboards continue to grow and see sales grow.
Net Sales
Net sales dropped $225,400 or 3.4% in year 13 and year 14. Merkgraf (2013) believes the way to increase net sales is to hold staff accountable after the implementation of specific sales strategies and the setting the bar high. To accomplish this, the focus will need to be on repeat sales. This can be accomplished through marketing and thus the marketing budget will need to be addressed and

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