Jesus 's Followers, And All Of The Jews Essay

1387 Words May 5th, 2016 null Page
Christianity did not just come out of nowhere, it developed throughout hundreds of years. Thanks to the combined efforts Paul, James, Peter, Jesus’s followers, and all of the Jews and Gentiles, this religion has been formed from the teachings of Jesus Christ. He only wanted to reform the religion of Judaism, but throughout several disputes, Christianity became its very own religion. Throughout the life of Jesus Christ, he was very much human just like us. Jesus, just as we were born, was born in Bethlehem where he spent the majority of his life working as a carpenter with his father. It was not until Jesus was about thirty years old until he came into historical view. Around the age of thirty, Jesus came to the River Jordan to listen to John and to be baptized by him as well. It was not until the arrest of John that Jesus began his public ministry. His first sign in public was then he read and explained a passage from Isaiah in a synagogue in Nazareth. Just as any other Jew would do, Jesus visited the synagogue when he was supposed to, he celebrated Jewish festivals, obeyed all the food laws, asked for blessings, gave offerings to the temples, and even insisted that people obeyed the biblical laws of ritual purity. Jesus was a very simple man who was associated with other men and women who were very low in social status. He was compassionate, gentle, and understanding to all who needed it. He, just as we all do, had a close group of friends, and enjoyed spending time in…

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