Jessie Emma Cobook: Jessie Dunning

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JESSIE EMMA COOK was born in Heart’s Content at the end of 1880 or the beginning of 1881 and was baptised at St Mary’s Church on the 14th of January 1881.
At some point during the early 1900s, Jessie married a man by the name of John Carmichael Dunning. Born in Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire in Scotland in 1882 to parents William and Janet (née Carmichael) Dunning, John was a telegraphist like Jessie’s father. Few reasons would have given Jessie reason to leave Heart’s Content, much less Newfoundland, while she was still unmarried. For this reason, I believe she probably met John locally.
They may have been married and residing in Hazel Hill, Nova Scotia by 1902. It is certain that they were married by 1906. Following their marriage, John
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Mead, accompanied Charles Bellamy when he “motored” to New Glasgow where they met Mrs Bellamy who had “been receiving medical treatment” in Halifax. Not only was Charles Bellamy superintendent at the Hazel Hill cable office, but he and his wife Annie may have been close friends of the Dunnings. The Bellamies’ plots lie be-side the Dunnings’ in the cemetery of All Saints Anglican Church in Can-so.
In 1939, the Second World War broke out in Europe. John had re-tired by this time. William joined the Royal Canadian Air Force, becom-ing a sergeant before his death on the 15th of February 1945. He was buried in the All Saints Anglican Church cemetery. He left behind a wife, Eva. Margaret, who was a stenographer in 1940, gained employment at RCAF Eastern Air Command in Halifax. Three years after the loss of her son, Jessie lost her husband on the 31st of October 1948. John was laid to rest beside William in the All Saints Anglican Church cemetery.
Jessie remained in Hazel Hill at least until 1957. In the aftermath of John’s death, she worked as a housekeeper for a time. By 1963, howev-er, she was residing at 589 Merton Avenue in the suburb of Saint-Lambert in Quebec City. Jessie finally passed away in 1968 and was buried by her husband and son at All Saints Anglican

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