Jeremy Lusk Biography Essay

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Jeremy Lusk: Best Dirt Biker There Was Jeremy Daniel Lusk (1984-2009) was born on November 26th, 1984 in San Diego, California. At the age of just only 3, he started riding on dirt bikes. Through 16 years, Jeremy’s talent and skill lead him to becoming pro at age 19. He was successfully the youngest pro FMX rider in the United States. He won his first X Games gold medal in the freestyle motocross competition last summer at the Home Depot Center, and won a silver medal in the FMX best-trick contest. Also in 2008, Lusk won two gold medals in an X Games Mexico competition; he finished third in the Dew Tour series standings, and he was never lower than fourth in a string of high-level international events ( Jeremy Lusk …show more content…
He sustained devastating head injuries, severe brain damage and irreparable spinal cord injury. It was apparent that Lusk would have minimal quality of life if he survived; nonetheless, doctors performed a five-hour surgery at Rafael Ángel Calderón Guardia Hospital in San José in an attempt to save his life. He entered into cardiac and respiratory failure and died the next day.(New York) His full-face helmet sheared apart on impact with the landing surface and stopped the forward movement of his head as his body flipped over. He had a similar crash in the 2007 X Games but escaped serious injury. Lusk, 24, was coming off his best season ever: He won a 2008 X Games gold medal in Freestyle and was third in the Freestyle World Championships. The X Knights event was not associated with the X Games. Lusk was rushed to the Calderon Hospital intensive care unit in San Jose, where he was treated for major brain trauma. Doctors there induced a coma to allow swelling of his brain to subside.
Some of his major accomplishments are: 2008 X Games Mexico gold, X Games Moto X Best Trick silver, X Games freestyle Gold 2008 X Games: Moto X Best Trick, Silver; Moto X Freestyle, Gold 2008 Red Bull X Fighters, 3rd 2008 Moto X World Championships Moto X Freestyle, Bronze 2008 AST Jeremy Lusk’s list of career accomplishments is practically endless:
- ESPN Moto X Championships FMX – Bronze - X Games FMX Gold - X Games Best Trick Silver
- X Games Mex FMX Gold - X Games

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