Essay about Jeff Koons : An Artist

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Nicol Garcia Laura
C. Galliano
Rough Draft Jeff Koons was born in January 21, 1955 in York, Pennsylvania. He attended Maryland Institute College of Art, in Baltimore where he received his M.F.A. In 1974 he attended a show in Whitney Museum, NY that inspired him to become an artist. “It was then I transferred to school in Chicago, all because of that show”(Koons), he then enrolled at school of the Art Institute of Chicago. Koons emerged as an artist in the 1980’s where he was influenced by Pop, and other appropriation art. He is a well known for his controversial subjects as a contemporary artist. His art personifies his obsession with sex and desire, race and gender, and celebrities, the media, commerce and fame. Much of the controversial subject matter in his work is to provoke extreme responses from the public and critics alike. The fact that so many people have such drastic reactions to him and his art is symbolic of his accomplishment as an artist. Jeff Koons work is sustained by the American cultural belief of childhood, gender roles, and sex. ( Andy Warhol and Marcel Duchamp influenced Jeff Koons in art creation process and artistic principles. He was mostly interested with their idea that the hand of the artist is not an important part of the subject matter. Koons’ work is manufactured by hired technicians who produce the actual art, three teams of three or more assistants. The help he obtains in his artwork triggers the critics, many believe…

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