Jean Piaget 's Theory That Children Went Through Four Stages Of Cognitive Development

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Jean Piaget was a psychologist who developed a theory that children went through four stages of cognitive development. In his theory, the second stage was known as the preoperational period dealing with ages two to seven years old. Piaget stated that young children were symbolic thinkers and that they didn’t think logically compared to older children. They couldn’t understand the world by actions and perception but merely focused on objects and events that occurred (Bjorklund & Hernandez-Blasi, 2012). At this stage, Piaget generated the idea of conservation which is what he stated young children lacked.
According to Bjorklund and Hernandez-Blasi (2012), conservation is the understanding that changes of a physical appearance does not influence their real properties such as number, length, area, liquid, volume, weight, or mass. To know that the amount of a material remains the same no matter how many times you change its form or how you changed it. Once a child is able to understand that concept then they have reached a level of logical thinking and has grasped the idea of conservation.
There are many methods used to test the different type of conservation. To test the conservation of mass blocks can be used. The blocks are arranged into two separate square cubes. The child is then asked if the blocks have the same size cube or are they different. The researcher would take one of the square cubes and rearrange it to a rectangle cube in front of the child. The…

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