Jean Francois Millet's Is He Dead

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Come to the comedic play "Is He Dead?" Made by the man who brought you timeless stories such as "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn," and adapted to the stage play by David Ives, this performance is sure to be worth your time and money.

A French painter named Jean Francois Millet, as portrayed by Asa Brayton, is in love with Marie Leroux, played by Madalyn Alyse Alston. However, Millet is in debt to an evil picture dealer, Bastien Andre, who threatens to imprison Millet for his debt to him unless he marries Marie. In order to prevent Andre from marrying his lover, Millet finds a way to make enough money to pay back Andre. Realizing that dead painters are more prosperous and fortunate than they are alive, Millet fakes his own death and

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