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Case Analysis on Playboy Enterprises Playboy Enterprises was founded in 1953 by Hugh Hefner to manage the publication and distribution of the Playboy magazine. The company has experienced tremendous growth since its inception and currently boasts of three segments: 1). Publishing-which is in charge of the business aspect of the Playboy magazine, 2). Entertainment- which manages the electronic assets of Playboy Enterprises. This includes the open source software, the Spice Network, the playboy

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The brand has over the years become synonymous with the adult entertainment industry thus attracting a fanatical following and becoming part of the zeitgeist of the latter part of the twentieth century. Playboy boasts of being one of the few magazines to become a major international consumer brand. The larger than life personality of Hugh Hefner, who represents hedonistic yet luxurious version of the American dream, has also played a huge role in enhancing the image of Playboy Enterprises (James, 2006). Through his Playboy Mansion and the celebrity filled parties he hosts every so often, he has managed to keep himself as well as his company in the limelight.

The company has exploited the influence of its brand to further advance its commercial interests. It has been able to acquire other players in the industry as seen in the acquisition of ClubJenna in 2006. In the same year, the company also entered into a joint venture with Palms Casino Resort leading to the establishment of the Playboy Club casino, Playboy nightclub and a Playboy store.  Through its Licensing division, the company has also established the Playboy branded line of licensed fashion and consumer products. These include both men and women fashion clothing and accessories, home furniture and fittings as well as entertainment products. This business
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