Jazz Influences on the 20th Century Essay

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Jazz Influence on the 20th Century
Jazz is considered one of the most influential types of music in American history. Some of the greatest artists in the world have contributed to the success jazz has had not only on American history, but throughout the world. Jazz music has come to serve as the base of many music styles in the United States. This paper will explain the history of jazz, where it all came from, and the effect it has had on the American culture in the 20th century. To start off, Meltingpot.fortuecity.com states that in the 1930’s and 1940’s jazz was at its peak. Most of the jazz scene started in New Orleans. Other major cities throughout the Midwest, such as Memphis, St. Louis, and Chicago have their own unique
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Artists such as Louis Armstrong, Billy Holiday, and Jelly “Roll” Morton paved the way for jazz to reach its height as it did. In the early 20’s, this style of music grew in popularity due to the upbeat tempo and smooth classical sound. These artists brought a unique sound to jazz that was not there at the time and revived the area. Louis Armstrong’s contribution to jazz is so remarkable; he played the trumpet like no other person of his time. His sound was so soothing to the ears. When you think about jazz, Louis Armstrong is one of the first names most people relate to. Jelly “Roll” Morton was probably the most influential artist there is. As an innovative piano stylist and composer, he began his odyssey outside of New Orleans as early as 1907. He continued his work throughout the 1920’s and was considered the main cause and person of the swing era. Furthermore, according to Pbs.com, Ken Burns states that just like all music, jazz went through a trial era. In other words, this is an era where there were very few people performing a certain type of music, just to see if it would catch on to become something big. The jazz era was very popular through the early 1930’s into the late 1940’s. The jazz style of music consists of a large number of band members featuring at least three to four saxophones, two or three trumpets, two to

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