Jay Gatsby American Dream Analysis

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Did Jay Gatsby achieve his American dream or did he thrive off a false sense of hope? Throughout The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s, Jay Gatsby or James Gatz in which was his real name, achieved numerous goals but also suffered through grotesque events that ultimately led to his downfall. The setting of this novel is in Long Island, New York during the summer of 1922. During this time Jay Gatsby had symbolized the American Dream of many exquisite people that thrived and urged to live like him. The American dream conveys a juxtaposition of ideas in which are all dissimilar for each individual. Gatsby’s American dream was to unite with his one true love, Daisy, and run off with her to start a new life of their own. Jay Gatsby had illustrated the American Dream of wealth, power, and social acceptance of many people during this time. However, he did not quite reach his own …show more content…
Scott Fitzgerald’s American dream had been to become a wealthy, socially accepted, writer, and to marry Zelda Sayre. In comparison with Gatsby, Fitzgerald was able to attain the social acceptance in which he had so utterly desired. Shifting to today’s American dream in 2016, words such as “materialistic” and “self-motivated” would be used to define this dream. In contrast, Gatsby fit more into the era of Fitzgerald’s American Dream rather than the 2016 American Dream. Holistically, Jay Gatsby had achieved the American dream during the 1920s, however he lacked to accomplish his very own. Gatsby had the glitz as well as glamour that came and went in the summer of 1922. Everyone wanted to attain the American dream in which they thought he had. Nick Carraway had even described Gatsby’s house as intricate as some “Hotel de Ville in Normandy”, thus portraying the excellence of Mr. Gatsby’s status (Fitzgerald 5). The reason the people of

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