Japanese Internment Camps During Wwii Essay

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II. Japanese Internment Camps during WWII It is estimated that around 120,000 Japanese in the United States were held in internment camps during WWII after U.S conflict with Japan grew (Onishi 1). Japanese-Americans were forced to take a test which asked them to pledge their loyalty with the United States, cut ties to Japan, and asked if they would pledge service to the United States military. An answer of “no” to any of the questions would result in the person being labeled as disloyal (Onishi 2). Japanese to avoid the worse concentration camps would have to pledge loyalty to a country that did not treat them equally over a large part of United States history. Many Japanese people in the United States still had family in Japan or were born in Japan, so it was very unfair to ask Japanese people to cut ties to a place where they were either born, lived, or still know people who live there. After the “Loyalty Test”, Japanese that were seen as “un-loyal” were taken to the Tulelake internment camp. Japanese that were deemed “un-loyal” were ones that failed to answer the “Loyalty Test” “correctly” (Onishi Tule Lake was the internment camp to keep “disloyal” Japanese separated. The conditions were very unideal conditions for the Japanese were kept in this camp because of overpopulation and the people in the camp were placed in hard manual labor jobs. Interned Japanese were kept in very isolated parts of the country so they would not be able to communicate to anyone, due to fear…

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